Sidequests – Game 19 – Hecarim


I really hate it when I have to jungle. Never been my thing. Got forced into it this game since I was last pick, and the enemy team already grabbed Taric.

Woo. Never really had a good opportunity to gank. I think most of my kills were from me ulting through the enemy team and picking off the enemy Taric when he was low. (I’m *guessing* people were focusing him instead of the people who were doing damage?)

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Sidequests – Game 9 – Sona

I’m… confused. Taric got banned?

…I guess that’s fair. Sona it is, then.

A little historical perspective: Sona, before I went on this Taric streak, was my most-played champion in Ranked. (Something like 24 games.) Figured after her buffs last patch, might as well take her out for a spin. And dear lord, I forgot that she can hit like a truck with those power chords. Playing her aggressive with those is definitely a nice change of pace from stun/shatter all the time.

And that ultimate. Music to my earholes.

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Sidequests – Game 4 – Varus

Huh, apparently I’m having a good streak where I win with everything except Taric lately.

Havn’t played him in a while, so getting used to the blight stack mechanic took some time. Also gotta remember to not get into a duel versus Caitlyn in the brush, since you *will* lose it due to her passive. Dem headshots.

Playing cautiously definitely paid off that game. Only two deaths!

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Sidequests – Game 3 – More Ziggs

Oh, look, a 800-ish ELO game where someone DC’d. Look at my surprised face. At least it worked in my favor this time.

I *am* surprised, however, that the game even started. Surely looked like the Jax was a forced random from being AFK.

MF mid was actually pretty painful during laning. Didn’t know that building her with AP was a thing, though. Was pretty proud of the blind-fire kill where she was recalling under her tower at 11:37.

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Sidequests – Game 2 – Ziggs

Extremely tired from being out in the rain all evening at work? Check.

Team-mate in solo-queue ranked wants to play Sej bot? Check.


Okay, this game was less of a Ziggs game, and more of a “holy crap Darius is destroying everything he gets his hands on, who ever let this ult go live?” kind of game.

Also love it when I mis-time a Satchel jump and just face-plant into a wall instead.

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