Game 26 – Wat.

So there was a game before this one where I didn’t actually save the screenshot or replay due to it being just awful. I mean, having to lane as Taric with a Fiddlesticks as a partner, because the Fidds was throwing a temper tantrum and feeding because they banned the character he wanted to play?

Yeah, not subjecting anyone else to that except for the Tribunal.

So instead, we got this game. Kayle/Swain Bot was a… interesting… lane to go against. I think the Swain was AFK during character select and accidentally random’d. But, at least they played it out instead of just feeding or something stupid. I *will* say it was a freaking bloody match. Wonder if it was related to the fact they didn’t have a jungler, so they were playing more aggressive.

Replay download Link

Game 23 – Xin/Darius: Carry Hards

I’ve harped on before about how it sucks to be stuck in a 4v5, and how there’s usually little you can do.

Well, this is honestly a 4v5 where, as the 5, we probably could’ve lost. I mean, look at the teams. Darius (Mr. Bullshit Ult Quadra-Kill) & Xin could carry extremely hard, and let’s not forget Akali or Ashe in there too.

And then look at our team. Ez was AP. Amumu was apparently trolling or something. Zyra had… double Archangel’s? Really?

No wonder it almost took 50 minutes.

Replay Download Link.

(There actually was another Sidequest game before this, but didn’t really feel like talking about a 3v5.)

Sidequests – Game 13 – TURBO ON!

How to sum this game up in song:

Granted, I didn’t actually *grab* a Banshee, since I didn’t need the mana, but I front-loaded my tanky & MR items, and flipped the bird to Karthus.

Going 2/0/1 in the first three minutes from their “failed” invasion didn’t hurt, either. 😀 And dat triple kill. Might go back in with the replay and get a screenshot.

Replay Download Link.