Game 28 – Hammer Too Stronk

Gotta love it when you accidentally hit Play Again before you have a chance to save a scoreboard AND LOLRecorder decides to not actually record that last game. Awesome.

Also awesome: Beating a Ashe to death with my hammer in a one-on-one fight. 😀 Dear lord, I don’t think she ever actually hit anything with a ult-arrow.

EDIT: Oh, hey, updated to the latest LOLRecorder and it popped up out of nowhere. Replay Download Link.

Game 23 – Xin/Darius: Carry Hards

I’ve harped on before about how it sucks to be stuck in a 4v5, and how there’s usually little you can do.

Well, this is honestly a 4v5 where, as the 5, we probably could’ve lost. I mean, look at the teams. Darius (Mr. Bullshit Ult Quadra-Kill) & Xin could carry extremely hard, and let’s not forget Akali or Ashe in there too.

And then look at our team. Ez was AP. Amumu was apparently trolling or something. Zyra had… double Archangel’s? Really?

No wonder it almost took 50 minutes.

Replay Download Link.

(There actually was another Sidequest game before this, but didn’t really feel like talking about a 3v5.)

Game 21 – That was fast

So, yeah. That was fast. Not quite sure why the Teemo still picked Teemo, since he was last pick, and knew he was going to be running against a Vayne. Also the Teemo DC’d for the first five or so minutes, so that definitely put us all behind.

Also probably would’ve helped if I had picked my armor rune-page & masteries instead of the AP ones from the previous Ziggs game. Ended up just running with it (figured we were going to be a little light on damage due to having a ZIlean *and* a Singed), and the extra AP from them definitely gives a nice edge to Shatter’s damage… but I’m not sure if it’d be worth the trade-off of less tankiness.

The Tomb was mostly a “hey, what kind of useful thing can I build out of a Pick?” choice, and was actually pretty nice. Having a extra anti-heal with Soraka around definitely didn’t suck.

Wasn’t a awful game, they just hit this point of a insane wall of death and damage you couldn’t out-do. For a while we definitely were picking up kills by catching them off-guard and alone. They finally realized they had a better team-fight comp and just murdered us.

Replay Download Link.

Game 19 – Talk Like a Pirate… Hunter

And here I was, thinking about how lucky I’ve been that the last few games have been relatively positive.

I swear, that MF was the distillation of the worst of the MOBA community. She wouldn’t shut. up. with the insults. Sure, the jungler and top lane weren’t doing so hot, and that goddamn monkey was running around roughshod on people. You don’t have to go all Rami on them. Team-chat was like a Greatest Hits parade of the Tribunal.

Replay Download Link.

Game 18 – Wub Wubs = Death

Okay, I’ll totally admit to this. While I was guarding the lower jungle, I alt-tabbed out to put some music on…

When I tabbed back, I was getting the stuffing kicked out of me by a invade. D:

…Granted, it was the Queen tribute album by the Protomen, so it was totally worth giving up FB.

Good game, though. Really rough, and they had a good wall of ablative meat keeping Ez safe. That Naut build is interesting. Can’t say I’ve built Spark/Wit’s End on him, but it really makes him mean.

Replay Download Link.

Game 17 – A Kingdom For a Mejai’s

I honestly think if I *had* a Mejai’s this game, I could’ve easily hit max stacks. Would’ve been close, since I think I had 10 assists and a couple of kills before I even died for the first time. Honestly, one of the deaths was me being stupid and making a big play to try to get a kill. What I was *planning* on doing was using Flash to get in range to stun a retreating Eve, and then using Shatter to kill. I flashed in, but forgot that my stun was still on cooldown, so I was now behind enemy lines and being chased.

The Randuin’s instead of a Locket was definitely interesting to try. I know I’m awful at forgetting to *use* the Locket’s active, and so something that makes me tankier without having to remember to push a button is helpful.

Slightly off-topic fact, apparently this win is the one that finally evened out my Ranked Taric stats, I’m now 19W/19L’s.

Replay Download Link.