Sidequests 40 + 41

Didn’t get a screen-cap of the previous game, which was me playing Galio for the first time against humans…

…versus a team which had Leona, Xin, AND Jax on it. Blah. And our Vayne complained that I was never ulting.

Totally was, it just got interrupted every time before it could go off.

This game, on the other hand… was mostly me getting jumped by Warwick ults, dying, and then the rest of my team getting a ace or near-ace in clean-up.

Sidequests – Game 38 – Xerath

Top versus Nasus as Xerath so Yorick can go punch Kassadin’s face in with ghouls = lolzone.

Also, I’m pretty sure most, if not all, of my kills were from Locusing and picking off Caitlyn who was trying to hide in the back/behind base walls. And she’d just EXPLODE, due to all the magic reduction Locus gives.