Season 3 – Game 9 – GOTTA GO HAM

Loss as Xerath before this one, keep on forgetting to grab screenshots of scoreboards on loss. Probably should’ve gone with my gut and Heimer’d, but oh well. Let’s cleanse the palette with some fire!



I do love me some Ashe/Leona lanes, especially when you can still take on 2v3 situations and get kills. Malph was intermittently disconnecting through the early part of the game, which I was okay with since when he *was* connected he was rocking the crap out of lanes. (Pun unintentional.)

Season 3 – Game 5 – Ghosts Are Credit To Team


Seriously, those little bastards on Twin Shadows are pretty amazing. Used them all the time to set up ganks or to slow down chasers when we’re retreating. Really tempted to tweak my masteries so that I get the one that reduces the cool-down on active items now, if just for MOAR GHOSTS.

Also forgot how much more fun having some AP is, if just because you’re actually a threat instead of just a stunbot.