Game 21 – That was fast

So, yeah. That was fast. Not quite sure why the Teemo still picked Teemo, since he was last pick, and knew he was going to be running against a Vayne. Also the Teemo DC’d for the first five or so minutes, so that definitely put us all behind.

Also probably would’ve helped if I had picked my armor rune-page & masteries instead of the AP ones from the previous Ziggs game. Ended up just running with it (figured we were going to be a little light on damage due to having a ZIlean *and* a Singed), and the extra AP from them definitely gives a nice edge to Shatter’s damage… but I’m not sure if it’d be worth the trade-off of less tankiness.

The Tomb was mostly a “hey, what kind of useful thing can I build out of a Pick?” choice, and was actually pretty nice. Having a extra anti-heal with Soraka around definitely didn’t suck.

Wasn’t a awful game, they just hit this point of a insane wall of death and damage you couldn’t out-do. For a while we definitely were picking up kills by catching them off-guard and alone. They finally realized they had a better team-fight comp and just murdered us.

Replay Download Link.

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