Game 17 – A Kingdom For a Mejai’s

I honestly think if I *had* a Mejai’s this game, I could’ve easily hit max stacks. Would’ve been close, since I think I had 10 assists and a couple of kills before I even died for the first time. Honestly, one of the deaths was me being stupid and making a big play to try to get a kill. What I was *planning* on doing was using Flash to get in range to stun a retreating Eve, and then using Shatter to kill. I flashed in, but forgot that my stun was still on cooldown, so I was now behind enemy lines and being chased.

The Randuin’s instead of a Locket was definitely interesting to try. I know I’m awful at forgetting to *use* the Locket’s active, and so something that makes me tankier without having to remember to push a button is helpful.

Slightly off-topic fact, apparently this win is the one that finally evened out my Ranked Taric stats, I’m now 19W/19L’s.

Replay Download Link.

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