Sidequests – Game 32 – Sona

Okay, let’s do this, get back to the 1k, can totally do this…


Ah, ragequits, my old enemy. Havn’t seen you in a while. Funny how we actually turned the game around after the Brand quit and actually won several team fights. If we had that extra body, probably could’ve went all the way.

Or he could just feed Kassadin more. Still, that’s someone else dying instead of me.

Also eff yeah early-game double kill for Sona! 😀

 Replay Download Link.

Sidequests – Game 30 – Caitlyn

Ugh, I hate giving up FB to a invade… granted, we ended up turning the invade around into a 4-2 in our favor. They were marching into our jungle by the blue in a straight line, and figured someone else would come out of the bushes and help take them down. nope. Well, not until after I died.

They *really* liked to clump up in straight lines for team fights, which was okay by me and Zerath. All to bettter Piltover their faces.

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Game 29 – And the new Champ is…

Wow, it’s been a whole page since I’ve played a Taric game? Gotta fix that. This was a duo-queue with everyone’s favorite toaster wielder.

Support Veigar/Varus… not a fun lane to start out with. That freaking stuncage.

Honestly thought we were going to lose this, but ended up turning it around in some team-fights.

I got to punch out Jax. 😀

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Beats the hell out of the game I played previous.

Yeeeeeah. Accidentally running a AD rune-page with a non-AD champion seemed to be the theme tonight for me. Probably didn’t actually hurt things, though.

Sidequests – Game 24 – Even More Sona

Seriously, I could just do a side-blog where I just play Sona all the time.

Definitely warming up to building some more AP on her than normal “support” builds. The pick was mostly a experimental thing since I felt like the lane was going in our favor and we were up on level versus the other team. Might as well just bring the pain. 😀

I was seriously considering building the pick into a Tome just for the quasi-ignite to annoy Mundo with. Game ended before I was able to get back to the shop to finish it.

Also, dear lord that was the most insulting LB ever. I’m thinking there’s something about the character that attracts megalomaniacs. Players like the one that was playing her are the cancer that’s killing MOBAs.

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