Game 13 – Twenty minute wins are always nice

Not my own personal best for a game, but a win’s a win. Got to love it when someone walks into the room, hands you a laptop, and expects you to tell them if a device they’re eyeing on Amazon will work with their computer. In the middle of a team-fight.

Thankfully we had that Rumble, who was just destroying everything he got his mitts on.

Game 13 Replay Download Link

Game 12 – Words Fail Me

My shoulders as Taric might be extremely broad, but apparently not *that* broad. Sort of wish I was able to just build damage and truly carry.

The MF was surprisingly chill, though. Almost got first-blood, but was a hair off from killing Ez for it. ¬†Morde in the middle was bitching about how I was “ksing” all the time, but at least one of the kills if I *didn’t* get MF would’ve died to Ez. And she was quick to point that out. Was able to out-tank Blitz underneath my tower for another.

Did I mention that Blitz DC’d and was gone for a large chunk of the game, and we were *still* getting our butts handed to us?


Game 12 replay download link.

Game 10 – Dude, Party Foul

You know, however much I’ll take a easy win, I *really* hate it when someone just decides to give up and feed.

For instance, this game. Granted, Noctune was fed like a fat kid at Thanksgiving by just murdering the crap out of top & bottom lanes…

Near the end, Olaf decided to just give up and was running up the bot lane to die to the towers. That’s just cowardice, and is not fab. Taric disapproves.

Game 10 Replay Download Link.

Game 09 – Welcome to the juuuuuungle…

Yes, that post title is correct. It totally happened.

To be fair, it worked surprisingly well. Major problem was… well… Alistar DC’d. And the enemy team seemed to have paid off Lady Luck, since they often escaped/survived fights they shouldn’t have.

Probably not the best build, but I wasn’t really expecting to *play* Jungletaric, so I was winging it with the first one I could find on Mobafire.¬†The runes were definitely different, though, didn’t have a chance to set that one up specifically. Was using AD reds, Armor yellows, MR/level blues and AD quints.¬†Wasn’t watching the time to see how fast he was clearing, but it felt like it was at a respectable rate, and once he got his heal he didn’t really need potions past the first three out of the cloth + 5 start since the cooldown was coming up so fast from all the melee. (If you’ve got a better one, let me know.)

Flashing out of a bush and stunning someone is a *mean* gank. Honestly, if we had our fifth man we probably could’ve won this, since we were actually doing extremely well at catching the enemies out of position later-on and winning skirmishes. At one point we were pushing their outer base turrets. It’s come up before, but you just hit that point in a 4v5 where you can try to fight back, but it’s just a¬†inevitability. You’ll botch a fight, and then they’ll push all your towers/take Baron and win.

Sadly my virus checker decided to break LOLReplay again so I didn’t get it recorded. I think I’ve gotten it permanently fixed so it shouldn’t happen again.

Game 08 – NO ULTS FOR YOU!

There is nothing quite as beautiful as seeing the enemy team pick both Katarina and Nunu when you know you’re going to be playing Taric.

“Oh, look, someone’s having a seizure and throwing knives everywhere. We should help her out. *DAZZLE!* There, feel better? Oh, I hope so, because you’re now dead.”

“Oh, look, someone thinks they’re going to do a bunch of frosty AOE damage to the entire team. *DAZZLE!*”

Dazzle. Deal with it. *crosses arms and puts on shades* Game 8 Replay Link.

Game 07 – Gentleman Enemy Alistar is Credit To Team

Back to running the “armor wall”¬†of¬†support runes & items.

I like to think this game was karma swing back around my direction for the last few, since the enemy Alistar was basically the unofficial sixth man of our team. His knockback headbutt probably saved my life and got his lane-partner Miss Fortune killed *so* many times.

Mid was a bit of trouble, though, since they goofed a couple times and fed LeBlanc some early kills so she was gibbing the crap out of them.

And, of course, LOLReplay didn’t record this one either. Going to try doing a clean install of it before playing any more games.