Sidequests – Games 51 + 52 – Eve

So yeah, wow. This is the first time I’ve played against humans as jungle Eve. (Best way to learn to swim: dive in the deep end.) And dear lord, she’s fun. Messed up the first game by taking flash instead of ignite. Could have totally gotten turned a few gank-attempts into kills with it if I had it, but not complaining. Second game I think I hit my groove better, although had a bit of a false start. (Freaking egg on Anivia.)

Sidequests – Games 49 + 50

Probably missed a couple games again. Oh well. Nothing worth reporting in those, anyway, just a lot of fail.

Garen vs. Yorick is a hell of a annoying lane. Generally, the best way to handle it seems to be “play safe, don’t die, CS when you can safely, crit all over his stupid face when your jungler comes because he’s pushed up way too far.”

Sidequests 40 + 41

Didn’t get a screen-cap of the previous game, which was me playing Galio for the first time against humans…

…versus a team which had Leona, Xin, AND Jax on it. Blah. And our Vayne complained that I was never ulting.

Totally was, it just got interrupted every time before it could go off.

This game, on the other hand… was mostly me getting jumped by Warwick ults, dying, and then the rest of my team getting a ace or near-ace in clean-up.